YouTuber Gets Called Out Over THIS... Karl Jacobs, Ice Poseidon, MrBeast 

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30 apr 2021



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Har0bi 16 minutit tagasi
twitter is the kindergarten of the internet
thepizzaman2013 35 minutit tagasi
You know what? Never heard of eboys
Ambience 36 minutit tagasi
I can't tell who's dumber, the average Twitter user or Bill Maher.
strawberry toast
strawberry toast 37 minutit tagasi
this is the reason why you shouldnt join the k-pop fandom
grub nub
grub nub 6 tundi tagasi
People need to stfu about canceling ppl all people need to do is get of Twitter bunch of keyboard warriors and get a fucking job
OrganicDog 6 tundi tagasi
I hope I never get famous that way I don't have to worry about some 12 year old kid canceling me for saying "scarce is overrated" 20 years ago.
Sleek Skate
Sleek Skate 8 tundi tagasi
I think bill maher is right. Stop wasting your time watching random shit.
Haamumanne 13 tundi tagasi
Cancel culture concentration camp would be good idea
Quick Garde
Quick Garde 15 tundi tagasi
Nobody talking about how Mo Vlogs literally was selling a scam coin a while ago, you can look it up
Thatboithicc GG
Thatboithicc GG 16 tundi tagasi
I hate Twitter.
Belle Delphine
Belle Delphine 16 tundi tagasi
Please fucking cancel Karl
Amirys Päev tagasi
Karl is the only person I feel bad for in this situation
Spankadog GronkSquad
lets fucking power ranger morph twitch and youtube to cancel twitter crybabies from having any form of power.
Xman Päev tagasi
Why are the twitter boomers mad at the other boomer? Baffling lol
SGR51 Päev tagasi
Note keemstar took against the side against kiwiz for something he did in his past
Cptburr Päev tagasi
How the fuck is "try hard" racist?
Pharqy Päev tagasi
These Twitter idiots are so far back in evolution they think that they the most evolved.
Pharqy Päev tagasi
These Twitter weirdos? Sharp as a marble.
Pharqy Päev tagasi
These Twitter people have 2 brain cells, and they are both fighting for 3rd place
Pharqy Päev tagasi
to be honest, if I was anybody that got canceled/called out by Twitter kpop stans cuz of ice posisidon i would not apologize. Like dude, THE GUY CHANGED! and I am not letting ANYBODY with a kpop pfp “cancel” me.
Pharqy Päev tagasi
5:27 check the profile pictures ALL KPOP PROFILE PICTURES
Cameron Grier
Cameron Grier Päev tagasi
You have to be sorry for anything now days 😂
12. Skeletonman
12. Skeletonman Päev tagasi
I go on Twitter once a week to checkout on my fav content creators and the amount of toxicity that explodes in face makes me instantly regret it, i will always pray on the downfall of twitter
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez Päev tagasi
Twitch doesn't make any sense either still im on nobody's side
Yosha Päev tagasi
It ticks me off when they apologize. Like... don't apologize for the past.
Casa Blanca
Casa Blanca Päev tagasi
I really don’t understand why Twitter is a mental asylum for basement dwellers.
Joseph Horne
Joseph Horne Päev tagasi
Oh ffs grow up
Daniel Valencia
Daniel Valencia Päev tagasi
notice how all these twitter users are kpop and minecraft stans and have some sort of asian person in their pfp, not even to be racist but thats kinda weird
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Päev tagasi
Karl didn't need to apologize for anything. the k-pop stans and Twitter cancel culture needs to stop.
Cayson Markham
Cayson Markham Päev tagasi
Don’t support them if u don’t want to. We will.
Maniac Music
Maniac Music Päev tagasi
Fuck it at this point cancel everyone I'm tired of this cancel culture
Lyla Gerard
Lyla Gerard Päev tagasi
That bill dude idk I forgot his name he does not know how much Twitch streamers mean to us. They help us get through tough times and they make us laugh and feel better even if they don't know it. Just because we watch streamers does not mean that we are wasting our time I HATED what he said not cool, their are tons of twitch streamers that have helped people through really bad times if u get it u get it. I feel like he doesn't get twitch.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Päev tagasi
creator doesn't mean you should opt into it
shajed hossain
shajed hossain Päev tagasi
Guys It's high time that we Cancel the Cancel culture and it's people.. These guys are getting out of hand. They literally trying to cancel anything...
Kaden Cool
Kaden Cool Päev tagasi
i do believe that a lot of people where offended by what he said. but i read a lot of the tweets when it happened and most of them where just about how they didn’t even care what he was in trouble for they just didn’t want him on the internet anymore bc of his screen time on mr beast.
NSANE Päev tagasi
Bruh dark/offensive humor is the best humor. Tied with stupid humor.
Booniebabie Päev tagasi
Twitter users like that are hilarious. They are joking lol........... right?
noobly noob
noobly noob Päev tagasi
9 year old in twitter really wanna cancel people for no reason
TheThickBrazilian Päev tagasi
god this twitter is full of such snowflakes that they would cancel somebody just for associating with someone i miss the mw2 lobbies lmao
Hyperacid24 Päev tagasi
Twitter is so good
Entity Magic
Entity Magic Päev tagasi
It’s seriously a mob now. People are digging up tweets from years ago, coming after toast, and if you wanna be mad at ice fine but to legitimately go after every single person who has ever been in a stream with him, holy hell.
LZL_leinaD Päev tagasi
Hows your reaction when someone pass out because of you cancel them... Just like obi wan said to anakin...
Johnny Sins
Johnny Sins Päev tagasi
anime and kpop display pictures? that explains everything
Steez 2k
Steez 2k Päev tagasi
Lmao Twitter stans are ridiculous had this kid flat out apologizing on live for nothing. Is it his fault that ice is a POS? The same way they found a pic of them together they should be able to find something where Karl said anything racist or F’d up. Cancel culture has gotten out of hand lmao
Red Ryder
Red Ryder Päev tagasi
A world where keem speaks the truth, is a very weird world
Red Ryder
Red Ryder Päev tagasi
Km sorry but does anyone else find life so brutally tragic now, watching someone apologise for association and saying someone had a big nose. I hate this world we live in
Scram Päev tagasi
kpop stans are the only humans that will do this type of shit, don't believe me. Check all these tweets pfp xD
Elas Päev tagasi
Stocks and currency is a gamble think gme I lost £30 My mate earned £3000 My other friend lost almost £1000 Just because someome is a face of something or a content creator doesn't mean you should opt into it
marcepan Päev tagasi
i just want to make a twitter account with so much edgy shit that people will ignore others and go cancel me. it would be beautiful
thunderie gacha
thunderie gacha Päev tagasi
These Twitter guys don't know what past means
Karl stopped eating because of all of these people why cant they just be quit and keep their opinions to themselves if you don't like him dont watch him omg I swear dont come after him.
Its Wolf
Its Wolf Päev tagasi
Why must youtubers always end up apologizing to people that don't even know them fully?
Its Wolf
Its Wolf Päev tagasi
This cancel culture is getting ridiculous..
Tragiclusty Päev tagasi
twitter be on a whole another level
Nathan Rippy
Nathan Rippy Päev tagasi
U can't cancel MrBeast sorry cancel culture gay
Wiket 2 päeva tagasi
Karl shouldn’t have to apologize for liking a streamer, just because you know or like someone, doesn’t mean you support everything they do
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 päeva tagasi
Karl dosent deserve any of this. I don’t watch any of he’s videos or streams but It’s pretty easy to see that.He’s the most wholesome dude ever
Mor Ris
Mor Ris 2 päeva tagasi
Anngelsinner 2 päeva tagasi
so when are joe biden planning mass genocide. I don't wanna live on this planet anymore. people nowdays hella bitch boys/girls
Kelpy83 2 päeva tagasi
im eating a donut rn
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 päeva tagasi
Whoa, this guy is still around? And gets 1M+ on every video?
EfStat 2 päeva tagasi
Ok but Carl is a looser anyways and ruined Mr Beast chanel. Like no one likes him
SomethingTwice 2 päeva tagasi
People move on. Why can't Twitter.
MccRoid 20
MccRoid 20 2 päeva tagasi
I just want to say in my opinion that It so stupid that people would harm other people including ones that are EEfromrs and you can hate someone to a point but you don’t have to make their life miserable and say awful stuff about them or say awful things to other people who just happen to be in a photo with him and that doesn’t mean they are racist to the human race is not perfect we all will make mistakes in life and we own up to them and be better people in life and change the way we look at the world
raregamer 2 päeva tagasi
its really twitters fault
Nutted 2 päeva tagasi
Karl is just a kid people need to stop
IkImAwesome 2 päeva tagasi
Any mizkif enjoyers? Cx
FloatMyBoatGoat 2 päeva tagasi
Aight I am deleting Twitter-
NorrixxTV 2 päeva tagasi
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised at this point if Twitter started cancelling the KEKW guy and started digging up shit he did in the past. Gotta get that useless internet clout somehow, amirite?
Tim Dick
Tim Dick 2 päeva tagasi
How is saying try hard racist
BINBLAZIN 2 päeva tagasi
well said by paul I liked that
Crazy Alex 7667
Crazy Alex 7667 2 päeva tagasi
In the past in the past but past is past
Crazy Alex 7667
Crazy Alex 7667 2 päeva tagasi
Oh it’s all about the past, only today we relics how “bad” things used to be. The ❄️ today
fishyman 908
fishyman 908 2 päeva tagasi
twitter is such a shit show, even breathing next to ice Poseidon can get you cancelled by them babies
Random Shenanigans
Random Shenanigans 2 päeva tagasi
I know many wonderful of the Jewish religion and NOT ONE OF THEM CARE ABOUT A NOSE JOKE!!
YehoshuaD 2 päeva tagasi
Whoa, this guy is still around? And gets 1M+ on every video?
Nick 2 päeva tagasi
man twitter is just shit like what the fuck is this
FBI 2 päeva tagasi
He was forced to apologize for watching and enjoying content...
mastertrey 2 päeva tagasi
This new generation is honestly so soft, i remember watching ice poseidon and enjoying his content. Itwas edgy and stupid but never did i think it was racist, or anything-ist. There are actual racist content creators and ice poseidon isnt even close to one of them. Just funny and stupid drama. People who identify as “alt-right” and constantly talk about jewish people and black people are actual racist content creators. And ill say this, when youre on the right side of the internet, its pretty hard to find actual racist content, you almost have to deliberately look for racism. Unfortunately thats exactly what these jokes on twitter do
seth skaggs
seth skaggs 2 päeva tagasi
9:00 what is his @
mastertrey 2 päeva tagasi
1:42 Key word “was.” End of discussion
seth skaggs
seth skaggs 2 päeva tagasi
Some people (most) just shouldn't be on Twitter
Ye Ok
Ye Ok 2 päeva tagasi
This is just stupid I don’t agree with racism but sometimes you have to realise it’s a joke and can be funny and Karl shouldn’t have to apologise because he watches it people gotta grow up
ADRIAN KRASNIQI 2 päeva tagasi
bts fans ;I
JulieAnn73 2 päeva tagasi
what people did to Karl Jacobs can be damaging to his mental health, I know of handful of streamers that ended their life last year. I watched Ice Poseidon back in the day and I think things were blown way out of proportion. look at all the famous comedians that made a living from being edgy like Eddie Murphy, Andrew Dice Clay, etca Karl is a sweetheart and he didn't deserved all that hate shown to him, Ice Poseidon neither
Axinii 2 päeva tagasi
We have to cancel the cancel culture not because they’re canceling people because they’re canceling people that knew the person that they’re canceling that is the most disgusting thing I can think of I absolutely despise this
hgd 2 päeva tagasi
We should cancel Twitter
Ov3rload 2 päeva tagasi
if twitter gets shut down i think the world would just spontaneously combust from all the filth and shit being thrown into the real world and not the internet anymore
Person 2 päeva tagasi
This is absolutely ridiculous. I get the whole “You are who you hang out with” quote, but these things in the past were the things Ice was not know off. If you were to ask a normal viewer from that time who Ice was you would most likely get something like he was funny or entertaining, not a racist. And I just wanna clarify I am not defending Ice here, I am just saying that things and horrible topics that have been made in the past were not known by people in past. Karl, if he USED to be a big fan, would have seen light in this streamer not a horrible bigoted person.
Kaarle Gustav
Kaarle Gustav 2 päeva tagasi
Purple army
H Z 2 päeva tagasi
Idk why everyone’s going after people who used to support him. That was the past and they obviously don’t anymore. We’ve all followed people on the past whos done bad things. Should we cancel every person who used to follow James Charles? No. These people are people believe it or not. They’re just like everyone else.
Lunar 2 päeva tagasi
Man all this cancel culture stuff is just a big bummer dude when did the internet become so unfun
jiminmode 2 päeva tagasi
7:21 that dude has been at carl for like literally forever, of course he would "call out" carl. what is there to call out, there is nothing to call out dude literally said sorry. that dude is jealous that carl has fan accounts and a big fan base and called him "that weird kid carl from mr beast" so of course he would "call" him out. But there isn't anything to call out about carl
Esa Ansari
Esa Ansari 2 päeva tagasi
ive never actually heard of more than half of everyone who you talk about and the first Karl one at first Karl seemed like a bad person but then later on I see this man already in New Light goddamn kpop stan twitter users go back to jacking off to random people you saw on the dead app that is pintrest.
Sean 2 päeva tagasi
He should add time stamps so people can skip to the story that they want to see
Gavin Arnold
Gavin Arnold 2 päeva tagasi
No body: Not a single soul: Not even Jake Pauls career: Twitter: WHO SHA'LL WE MAKE FEEL GUILTY FOR NO REASON TODAYYY
Kwazy 2 päeva tagasi
Karl had no reason to apologize he was just a fan of ice like a lot of other people that doesn’t make him a racist
Hemperor Palpatine
Hemperor Palpatine 2 päeva tagasi
hearing that moppy haired lad having to bend the knee like that gave me second hand embarrassment. get a back bone dude
bombn47 2 päeva tagasi
Poor Karl he is getting bashed from cancel culture and homophobia at the same time
Artin Saphire
Artin Saphire 2 päeva tagasi
I don't understand why people cancel like if you don't like what someone is saying just stop watching them and leave them alone who cares if they're making racist jokes
justin gutierrez
justin gutierrez 2 päeva tagasi
Why is Karl saying sorry. This is annoying. Why are we saying sorry for old comedy.
CarterNotSteve 2 päeva tagasi
"watching people playing games is a waste of time" yeah, you watch football? so is that. That's the point. you are supposed to waste time on it. Watching your show is a waste of time. Watching videos is a waste of time, and your commentary. Is a waste. of time.
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