YouTuber Faces Allegations... CallMeCarson, Corpse Husband, Slimecicle, FaZe Banks 

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5 jaan 2021



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Ivan A.
Ivan A. 28 minutit tagasi
Scarce I need you man I wanna see all the drama(even tho I’ve seen all of it) but you make everything so much better
RICKY XIONG Tund tagasi
Has anyone checked his Twitter or other social accounts on what he's doing?
Tobi OF
Tobi OF 10 tundi tagasi
Scarce could legit just disappear from earth forever and we wouldn’t know
Ben Childs
Ben Childs Päev tagasi
Scarce come back!
FIM _1
FIM _1 Päev tagasi
Scarce, pls post anothe video ;-;
ollie b
ollie b Päev tagasi
Who else came here from gradeaunderas' video?
Just a guy Checking out the comment section
"What's up guys? Scarce here..."
VetchGex Päev tagasi
scarce i refuse to watch keemstar
mrkid4365 Päev tagasi
Searce why you have't upload yet
Fettuccine 6 tundi tagasi
Ah yes, Searce
taskforcewojak 2 päeva tagasi
scarce if you dont come back rn im gonna drink 3 liters of sprite non stop
TTv WeDnEsDaY 2 päeva tagasi
Scarce I miss you where you at brother
0verbyte 3009
0verbyte 3009 2 päeva tagasi
Please I need news please where did you go
Collins Wendt
Collins Wendt 2 päeva tagasi
Scarce! Where you at??
Connor McMahon
Connor McMahon 2 päeva tagasi
It is I, I return once more oh fearless drama distributer. I miss you. Please bless me once more with a "What's up guys Scarce here" ❤️
D2_levi 2 päeva tagasi
What if he is making a mega video and following drama that's gonna be 1 hour long
D2_levi 2 päeva tagasi
Damn this dude ain't post in a minute
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 2 päeva tagasi
Scarce you good?
juva whbesjhrn
juva whbesjhrn 2 päeva tagasi
Holy shit, is this what kids are up to?
Hiroshi 2 päeva tagasi
MelloBoiyoiy 2 päeva tagasi
Scarce better not disappear like JackFrostMiner :(
Max 4151
Max 4151 3 päeva tagasi
Wya I need rich people drama to suppress my own
pinkqu 3 päeva tagasi
No drama No video from scarce
Knif 3 päeva tagasi
scarce going on hiatus??
Aditya Tewary
Aditya Tewary 3 päeva tagasi
Pls comeback scarce
Ern Privado
Ern Privado 3 päeva tagasi
where are u man. u haven't posted a vid
Ezrzt 3 päeva tagasi
Scarce where are youuuuuuuuuuuu
Rat Lord
Rat Lord 3 päeva tagasi
So much drama in the last month! We need you back.. c'mon man
WRRYCLIPZ 3 päeva tagasi
Come back scarce we miss you
the running man
the running man 3 päeva tagasi
And just like that he’s gone just like my dad once he left to go get the milk at my local grocery store
Veljko Bogdanovic
Veljko Bogdanovic 4 päeva tagasi
Scarce left when Carson left
Oogah Booga
Oogah Booga 4 päeva tagasi
Where u at?
Unholy Hate
Unholy Hate 4 päeva tagasi
Welp ima give up and watch keem
Antonio Aranda
Antonio Aranda 4 päeva tagasi
I feel like scarce only post when he is low on money
Antonio Aranda
Antonio Aranda 4 päeva tagasi
@GalacticMaster It was a joke but yeah hope he comes back someday.
GalacticMaster 4 päeva tagasi
I mean his videos really don’t have ads which means he doesn’t benefit from any of this. Mans got a life too pretty sure he’s taking college rn so he’ll be back eventually.
Croude PH
Croude PH 4 päeva tagasi
where are you dude we need content!!
Freecko Treecko
Freecko Treecko 4 päeva tagasi
It feels like he hasn't uploaded for a year
Jose Juarez
Jose Juarez 4 päeva tagasi
Scarce, where are you?
Krishnanand KJ
Krishnanand KJ 3 päeva tagasi
Know the meaning of Scarce and you will get it
Sports Car
Sports Car 4 päeva tagasi
bait is fake just like your m8s
Sup Dog
Sup Dog 4 päeva tagasi
Come back man please
ATF Gaming Channel
ATF Gaming Channel 5 päeva tagasi
Scarce died.
ATF Gaming Channel
ATF Gaming Channel 3 päeva tagasi
@Jetgameking 07 oh damn that spoopy
Jetgameking 07
Jetgameking 07 3 päeva tagasi
Hes in diesel patches basement
Sevastian Gomez
Sevastian Gomez 4 päeva tagasi
EGGTASTIC 5 päeva tagasi
"you best come back scarce"
Ziky 5 päeva tagasi
Scarce where tf are you
Alex 5 päeva tagasi
17 and 19 can be one school year away from each other depending on when the people were born.
Duskplains 5 päeva tagasi
Why does scarce keep disappearing?
Needz duh Bleach
Needz duh Bleach 5 päeva tagasi
He has gone missing again
Dimas Naufal Pratama
Dimas Naufal Pratama 5 päeva tagasi
Scarce where are?
Turtle 5 päeva tagasi
Pls dont pull a coryxkenshin 😢
ay tony
ay tony 5 päeva tagasi
where u go
crispycruncher 5 päeva tagasi
Scares your so much better than keemstar
MortemRex 2021
MortemRex 2021 6 päeva tagasi
Did something happen to you
Blob Fish
Blob Fish 6 päeva tagasi
“This is like Romeo and Juliet” Not really cause Carson is two years older than the girl, Romeo was around twenty and Juliet was fourteen
TheLiquorGhostLahey 5 päeva tagasi
There’s a thing called the Romeo and Juliet clause which if you have a pre existing high school relationship then you could legally date someone who has graduated and is 18 and you 16
Yash Fofaria
Yash Fofaria 5 päeva tagasi
Romeo is hella sus
ACIKA WU-TANG 6 päeva tagasi
I LIKE MEMES 5 päeva tagasi
that's some caps man
Phoenix 5 päeva tagasi
Was it really pedophile tho not saying that I agree with Carson but the age difference doesnt really matter she was 17 and he was 19 she was old enough to know that she shouldnt be messaging older guys but she still did it keep in mind in one year she would be legally able to consent and even if let's say people would want him to go to jail they cant because most judges would say that the age gap was not that big and wouldnt send him to jail
The Emerites Gaming
The Emerites Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
When the world needed Scarce the most,he left
Jesse Gutierrez
Jesse Gutierrez 6 päeva tagasi
Guys, Scarce was involved in a fatal car accident and it sounds like he's not gonna make it. Pray for him
Yash Fofaria
Yash Fofaria 5 päeva tagasi
Please someone verify this
I LIKE MEMES 5 päeva tagasi
Source my dud?
A Dumb Chicken
A Dumb Chicken 6 päeva tagasi
Abdikarim Abdulle
Abdikarim Abdulle 6 päeva tagasi
Irfan Iskandar 06
Irfan Iskandar 06 6 päeva tagasi
"Where are youuuu"
OC NIBBA 6 päeva tagasi
They call him scarce because his uploads are scarce
Junior Nxumalo
Junior Nxumalo 7 päeva tagasi
Damn so now I gotta watch Keepstar 💔💔💔
My da’s in the Ra
My da’s in the Ra 7 päeva tagasi
Guess he dead
TG JitterCL1CK
TG JitterCL1CK 7 päeva tagasi
Scarce Where you at
SH33PL0RD 7 päeva tagasi
hope u are doing well we really need more news I've been forced to watch keemstar because u are gone
Jed Was taken
Jed Was taken 7 päeva tagasi
Scarce please come back
mika lambert
mika lambert 7 päeva tagasi
at the end of the video, it says: ''see you later''.... its been 1 month without videos from you... Where are you ? :'( I need my weekly drama. xd
Icy Dylan
Icy Dylan 7 päeva tagasi
He does this everytime just watch drama alert if you want news
Voidify 7 päeva tagasi
sketch lop
sketch lop 8 päeva tagasi
another face ravel
commander green
commander green 8 päeva tagasi
Now what we know what maximilianus did that's probably get nba be next video soon
Bong Hittaz
Bong Hittaz 8 päeva tagasi
Where tf you at bro?
Chay 8 päeva tagasi
scarce please come back
onslaught -
onslaught - 8 päeva tagasi
Ay yo scarce u good bro?
ghost drills
ghost drills 8 päeva tagasi
“Hey Wsp you guys it’s scarce here” 🤣🤣🤣 still haven’t changed that introduction...
Kib 8 päeva tagasi
People need to realise Scarce has a life.
Marvin is not my name
Marvin is not my name 8 päeva tagasi
@Moi Suomi thank you
Moi Suomi
Moi Suomi 8 päeva tagasi
@Marvin is not my name Yeah, he is a slave to his subscribers!!
Marvin is not my name
Marvin is not my name 8 päeva tagasi
No he doesn’t
RRight Braeden
RRight Braeden 9 päeva tagasi
Scarce is dead again
Applesauce 9 päeva tagasi
Krishnanand KJ
Krishnanand KJ 9 päeva tagasi
Guys let's calm down, his name is scarce so his videos being scarce is nothing unnatural
OGsmashsauce 9 päeva tagasi
Where is Scarce?
DCS Dreamz
DCS Dreamz 9 päeva tagasi
EEfromr: I have a good upload schedule There upload schedule:
Glyde 9 päeva tagasi
Back in the trickshotting days Scarce scammed winners of his challenge series videos by advertising prizes and then never giving them out.
Glyde 8 päeva tagasi
@Kib Do your research and you'll find out that it's 100% true. It literally happened to me. Fair enough if you wanna watch him but it pisses me off that he got away with doing it for years.
Kib 8 päeva tagasi
True or false Who gives a shit? I just want news and content.
Benjamin Barrientos
Benjamin Barrientos 8 päeva tagasi
But the content tho
ice cold water
ice cold water 9 päeva tagasi
This is what happens when your channel leaches off drama
Waleed Muawia
Waleed Muawia 10 päeva tagasi
I really want him to upload but there seems to be scarce news.
rustader 10 päeva tagasi
yo where my boy scarce at
Charles Royell
Charles Royell 10 päeva tagasi
Scarce is like one of them weird ass burps, he’s there and then suddenly he’s gone.
M0G_EL3MENT 10 päeva tagasi
you gon upload or what?
Max S
Max S 10 päeva tagasi
Where are u, u ok?
ohhpeaexe 11 päeva tagasi
Scarce always be leaving
Meg Krish
Meg Krish 11 päeva tagasi
Why tf is he not uploading?
1nSaint 11 päeva tagasi
nigga has a life to bro
RetroWilliam 11 päeva tagasi
When we need scarce the most, he is not around. 😔
ROTFLWHIT3 11 päeva tagasi
Can you upload please like damn holy fuck
Anthony ϟ
Anthony ϟ 12 päeva tagasi
Keemstar and his goons got him
Rabia Aydın
Rabia Aydın 12 päeva tagasi
xSamuraiCODMYT 12 päeva tagasi
He gone again
Ya Boi Avery
Ya Boi Avery 12 päeva tagasi
Jacob 12 päeva tagasi
So where did scarce go???
Cookie 12 päeva tagasi
Looking back, the girl deleted her Twitter account. She coincidentally didn't know the password to her old account, and could easily change it. His friends went to drama alert instead of the police, and the only thing people have a problem with is the power imbalance which I can see being valid if the victim was 13, but she wasn't.
Le Meriix
Le Meriix 12 päeva tagasi
Its been a month now, where is he I wonder
beruh beruh
beruh beruh 12 päeva tagasi
Why aren't you uploading
Brotato Amv's
Brotato Amv's 13 päeva tagasi
Rip scarce
CIorox BIeach
CIorox BIeach 11 päeva tagasi
@the spam comment he didn’t die but he’s in the hospital fighting for his life against Ligma
the spam comment
the spam comment 12 päeva tagasi
What happened?
Russian Red
Russian Red 13 päeva tagasi
Scare make a video on this vm.tiktok.com/ZMe8cBNwN/
BloodyR3ap3r 12 päeva tagasi
What is it about
paul memnook
paul memnook 13 päeva tagasi
RIP scarce man, you were the realist
Jilo 7 päeva tagasi
@the spam comment battling covid 19 i read it was pretty serious..
the spam comment
the spam comment 12 päeva tagasi
What happened?
Just Alix
Just Alix 13 päeva tagasi
Please come back to us
the spam comment
the spam comment 12 päeva tagasi
What happened to him?
meme the man
meme the man 13 päeva tagasi
RJS 14 päeva tagasi
19 & 17 is NOT illegal. 21 & 17 is NOT illegal. It’s called Romeo & Juliet Law which allows a 4 year difference just like a senior/freshman in High School. Feel free to educate yourselves.
Kevin K
Kevin K 13 päeva tagasi
Senior/freshman in high school is weird asf lol
SLOPPING FISH 13 päeva tagasi
That’s just in some states but idk I’m in Australia
AJT153 14 päeva tagasi
Did he run out of content
barry alien
barry alien 14 päeva tagasi
Why hasn't scares uploaded in a while?
barry alien
barry alien 6 päeva tagasi
@Jilo oh shit I hope he recovers soon all the best wishes to him and thanks for the info.
Jilo 7 päeva tagasi
Hes battling covid, i read it was pretty serious..
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