Telli 3,1 mln
EEfrom News Channel
Ty Sciullo
Ty Sciullo 13 tundi tagasi
Dude always opens every video acting like he hasn't be gone for 7 years lmfao
samuel mcclamrock
samuel mcclamrock 14 tundi tagasi
Nick mercs wouldn’t survive a mw2 cod lobby
DEATHTHEKID 14 tundi tagasi
eight thoughts is the goat
Knuckle Life
Knuckle Life 14 tundi tagasi
Please don't leave us again, we had to watch keemstar for the news
andoy gump
andoy gump 14 tundi tagasi
you know the world has gone to crap when the most genuine guy gets allegations for something he most likely did not do.
Sadiki Joseph
Sadiki Joseph 14 tundi tagasi
hey , you remember when youtube didnt have drama and everyone was just making genuine funny videos and good content
Giggles ThickAF
Giggles ThickAF 14 tundi tagasi
Gonna be honest I stoped listening to drift0r ever since I saw his warzone weapon ranking
Kevish Fernando
Kevish Fernando 15 tundi tagasi
Eight thoughts deserves everything he’s getting
SebZero 15 tundi tagasi
You're back, it was too long
Premium Aphid
Premium Aphid 15 tundi tagasi
I don’t mess with 8 thoughts. Especially after I made a video on him exposing him basically telling small EEfromrs to quit EEfrom. Then he responded rudely to my video. Smh
Derpsterio29 15 tundi tagasi
i think it's good whenever scarce doesn't post because it means (most of the time) the internet is at peace and not much too noteworthy has happened
Kenny Bell
Kenny Bell 15 tundi tagasi
we need to flag ever video drifter and nick merks videos create!! boycott youtube
Green 15 tundi tagasi
Tbh if I can’t see dislikes on a video I may just dislike
Ryan Park
Ryan Park 16 tundi tagasi
I watched every single ad for you bro
ThAtLakERsFaN 11
ThAtLakERsFaN 11 16 tundi tagasi
Where you go man?
vargen1414 16 tundi tagasi
Slander is spoken in print it's libel, So no he can’t sue for slander if the guy was reading from a script as it would be libel rather then slander and using the dictionarily correct words matter in lawsuits, Also you legaly can’t speak about a lawsuit publicly as it is a breach of privacy unless it is a public lawsuit, At least as that is what i learned in school
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 16 tundi tagasi
MALSHOT 16 tundi tagasi
I’m part of that dislike experiment
vargen1414 16 tundi tagasi
Scarce back on recommended man!
Death 16 tundi tagasi
My god is back thank you for coming back🙏😇🙂
Emcee Hammer
Emcee Hammer 16 tundi tagasi
so many youtubers in the comments of every video
The Irish Abled Gamer
The Irish Abled Gamer 17 tundi tagasi
Don't talk shit about people and then get asshurt when people come back at you lol
Ry -
Ry - 17 tundi tagasi
Who randomly thought about scarce not posting to see him post the next day?
Tyler 17 tundi tagasi
if u bring back bo2 gameplay ill start watching your videos again
Joker990 aka big dick bee
I love this man
Daniel Mcgregor
Daniel Mcgregor 17 tundi tagasi
The only reason EEfrom is hiding dislikes is because of how badly everybody hated EEfrom rewind
Daniel Joao
Daniel Joao 18 tundi tagasi
This story is soooo confusing...
NathanGAMES 18 tundi tagasi
Good to see you back!
restlessransom 18 tundi tagasi
nick mercs is smart af i love seeing hate channels getting taken off of youtube nicks too big to take down now🤣🤣🤣🤣
SenseiPepsi 18 tundi tagasi
Why does scarce come back every now and again. He's such a good news source 🔥
Jokiin LG
Jokiin LG 18 tundi tagasi
Woopsie Doopsie
Woopsie Doopsie 18 tundi tagasi
Nickmercs is the male version of pokimane wth
Butter n Stuff
Butter n Stuff 18 tundi tagasi
Imagine getting legal action because someone said you were cheating on cod
Jonathan Sparkman
Jonathan Sparkman 19 tundi tagasi
Acting like he never left
captainDdavis 19 tundi tagasi
People defending eight thoughts need a red nose.
Dave Alvarez
Dave Alvarez 19 tundi tagasi
Honestly the whole nickmerks and swag thing it’s honestly just how the twitch community is
Kinan al-akhras
Kinan al-akhras 19 tundi tagasi
🤣 Man ducked us then randomly pops up hey guys 😂 🤣
Liam benis
Liam benis 19 tundi tagasi
Another great upload. Love the vid!
Phixiq 20 tundi tagasi
I mean let’s be real. Yes his channel being hit sucks cuz it was bullshit, but at the same time I gotta agree. I was a sub of his but all he does is post toxic stuff. People get offended and in their feelings when someone takes action against them for being toxic 😂. If your financial state was in that much on the edge and you know what’s going on you probably should stray away from the toxic stuff fam. Cuz it’s hard to get behind you
FN_Kibs 20 tundi tagasi
So your just gonna upload a vid every other year now... ccol. Peace ✌
xXTanjiroXx -_-
xXTanjiroXx -_- 20 tundi tagasi
He comes back like nothing
Bobdesamaae 20 tundi tagasi
Where have u been for 3 months..i miss you
BGaff 20 tundi tagasi
Dude just comes back after 3 months like “hey guys”
Nedasan 20 tundi tagasi
Scarce I’m glad to see you back ❤️🔥
Swagger Sun
Swagger Sun 21 tund tagasi
At the end of the day, ima still watch nickmercs, swaggs and eight thoughts content so we chillin
got ur toes
got ur toes 21 tund tagasi
YOOO Welcome back bro
I am very cool
I am very cool 21 tund tagasi
Good times create weak people
Matt 639
Matt 639 21 tund tagasi
Lmao whenever scarce is low on money he comes back to youtube
Dewitt345 21 tund tagasi
“Hate Content” = Making jokes about your thumbnail
PreX' Stylez
PreX' Stylez 22 tundi tagasi
what the
FlatTommyToad 22 tundi tagasi
Upload more so i don’t have to watch keemstar
David The Great
David The Great 22 tundi tagasi
Recommended videos INC
Dat_Boi_Bossness 22 tundi tagasi
Back like he never left, what a legend.
ThatDudeNeon 22 tundi tagasi
"Go hard for 3 weeks, leave for a month." - CoryxKenshin
braulio alanix
braulio alanix 22 tundi tagasi
Eights thoughts is a hatin ass tho
Deffy Duck
Deffy Duck 22 tundi tagasi
So this guy spends time making fun of people and when people clap back he gets all making himself victim 🤣
Xbox SeriesX
Xbox SeriesX 22 tundi tagasi
Killing dislikes for Biden. Ridiculous
Tamo Kato
Tamo Kato 22 tundi tagasi
I support NickMerks. And I’m sharing my opinion because I can 😎
Devilman Crybaby
Devilman Crybaby 22 tundi tagasi
Welcome back Scarce❤️
Blunt 22 tundi tagasi
8thoughts is a pos. end of story he doesn't deserve a platform he literally doxes and has people come to someones home with a gun because its funny to him lmfao
Ryan Stutz
Ryan Stutz 22 tundi tagasi
Bro has fell off hard
humble heathen
humble heathen 22 tundi tagasi
Still got my dislike button, still got plenty of dust on it.
Kura 23 tundi tagasi
Simple enough, NickM is an idiot for flagging people down and EightThoughts is a scumbag <3
CndGamer Katrina
CndGamer Katrina 23 tundi tagasi
Ps glad to have you back scarce and pss nick mercs needs to be canceled he’s overrated faze player
CndGamer Katrina
CndGamer Katrina 23 tundi tagasi
Nick mercs acting like Pokémaine taking peoples channels down what a douche
Despot Ljepava :\
Despot Ljepava :\ 23 tundi tagasi
Guilty until proven innocent is the worst concept humankind ever created.
Overseer Farcus
Overseer Farcus Päev tagasi
These people are soft as hell
Overseer Farcus
Overseer Farcus Päev tagasi
Eight thoughts is way more entertaining than nick mercs lolll
DK02 Päev tagasi
"hey whats up guys mister i dont make real content and got stuffed into lockers thru highschool here".....
op godz
op godz Päev tagasi
He back!!!
Ponus Päev tagasi
Lol I like how he never clarifies whats going on in his life, just waits a few months and makes random posts. Here for it though keep it up dood we all miss you.
Garth Alpha
Garth Alpha Päev tagasi
Good news. 8 thoughts is gone.
Bernkastel Päev tagasi
Oh he finally come out from tree
TheHomierudy Päev tagasi
Honestly I gotta agree with what nick said
CODEMSTR Päev tagasi
sixonesix Päev tagasi
Itsagundam is a must watch. He's fantastic, and a great Gundam builder/painter. Funny as fuck and gets screwed by YT continuously.
FaiisHD Päev tagasi
Here in August 2021
Balint Päev tagasi
Lmao youtube is really gonna make it so that expressing your opinion will be considered bullying
Ezzy Rodriguez
Ezzy Rodriguez Päev tagasi
Eight thought should be banned for life due to what he don't to driftor
MadMike Päev tagasi
Eight thoughts Is a huge pos!