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EEfrom News Channel
Phoenix salesdivision
Phoenix salesdivision 2 tundi tagasi
Who else want to see PewDiePie in a fight with this tik-tokers
kay ツ
kay ツ 3 tundi tagasi
4 years later
John malkowski
John malkowski 4 tundi tagasi
why is this on my recommended page 4 years later and why am I watching it
O O 4 tundi tagasi
Austin rlly let all the anger out on Bryce from the comments Bryce made like is this a jojo episode
Yes Man
Yes Man 5 tundi tagasi
Taylor: I was talking trash, I gotta pay the judges so that way I could get me a win or a draw
Exa Aro
Exa Aro 7 tundi tagasi
Every tiktoker is fake dude like they are being humble because they lost and now don't wanna look dumb as fuck but they have not changed beside vinnie heis the only respectable tiktoker and did not talk shit before the fight and still after he treated degi like a real homie big ups to vinnie man
Gaming_ Pal_John
Gaming_ Pal_John 8 tundi tagasi
Gavin Martin
Gavin Martin 12 tundi tagasi
He vanished when we needed him most
The Weight of Darkness
The Weight of Darkness 14 tundi tagasi
fuck youtube boxing
Jonny Haskett
Jonny Haskett 14 tundi tagasi
These strikes are absolutely ridiculous
Emmet M
Emmet M 16 tundi tagasi
Damn scarce were cussing hard back in the days 😂😂
Brennan Walker
Brennan Walker 17 tundi tagasi
sniperwolf against charlie :)
Jerzy Tewid
Jerzy Tewid 18 tundi tagasi
Damn it's hard to see a family friendly EEfromr do something serious
Jamalian Podcast
Jamalian Podcast 19 tundi tagasi
Yall heard what happened to vernturiantale?
Caleb Cow
Caleb Cow 19 tundi tagasi
After this vid tick towers are clowns 🤡
Inferno YT
Inferno YT 22 tundi tagasi
I think Austin hit Bryce hard enough and brought him back to reality
zync war gaming
zync war gaming 22 tundi tagasi
pokemain wants to take away our rights i'll give money if i want to!
Luminous 22 tundi tagasi
Got recommend this Jun 23 2021
CraftingArchitect 23 tundi tagasi
I’m not surprised Mayweather is old
rain Päev tagasi
bro I have so much more respect for vinnie because he did that
Expl1cit Päev tagasi
@LazarBeam also got channel striked on an old video
NotClipxzy Päev tagasi
Respect to vinnie n deji but what was Dejis team thinking to let him go out on the ring looking over weight asf
El Roamie
El Roamie Päev tagasi
Got recommended 5 years later
Iam Quebec
Iam Quebec Päev tagasi
This dudes excuse for not fighting had more cuts then a marvel fight scene wtf
Xanalak 🏆
Xanalak 🏆 Päev tagasi
Kvvonga Päev tagasi
tiktokers thought they came there to make they little dances they b always doing lol
Trinity Avix
Trinity Avix Päev tagasi
Austin literally knocked sense into Bryce hall
Terence lyw
Terence lyw Päev tagasi
Very obvious tiktokers are gonna lose. I mean look at them😂👌
Elian Mallory Pajo
Elian Mallory Pajo Päev tagasi
lets just erase deji in the thumbnail jk
IniReifan Päev tagasi
10:29 The guy thats trying to stop the fight be like: Ok they're gonna fight I'm gonna get pushed too oh no *smiles nerveously*
Speed Beast09
Speed Beast09 Päev tagasi
Ayden Ahmed
Ayden Ahmed Päev tagasi
I have so much respect for vinnie he is the only non spoiled tiktoker
Mathias Hollingsworth
James must Immediately terminated
Mathias Hollingsworth
Or if necessary EDP is to be terminated
Mathias Hollingsworth
EDP445 must be banned from the internet
nintatsu akaninja
nintatsu akaninja Päev tagasi
So next is youtube vs twitch right. 😁
Gonky Päev tagasi
yo scarce wanna talk about m3rkmus1c blocking his fans and friends he blocked me :/ removed alot of his xbox videos if u check my stuff
Gonky Päev tagasi
yo scarce wanna talk about m3rkmus1c blocking his fans and friends he blocked me :/ removed alot of his xbox videos if u check my stuff
Gonky Päev tagasi
yo scarce wanna talk about m3rkmus1c blocking his fans and friends he blocked me :/ removed alot of his xbox videos if u check my stuff
Gonky Päev tagasi
yo scarce wanna talk about m3rkmus1c blocking his fans and friends he blocked me :/ removed alot of his xbox videos if u check my stuff
Gonky Päev tagasi
yo scarce wanna talk about m3rkmus1c blocking his fans and friends he blocked me :/ removed alot of his xbox videos if u check my stuff
Penguini Päev tagasi
All the dislikes are the dream stans
Ethan Hogan
Ethan Hogan Päev tagasi
Bryce hall is two faced
Marco Chavarin
Marco Chavarin Päev tagasi
Sorry but I had to put this here. If you want we can box and make 1 million each. eefrom.info/limo/fYC5sJmCstqYrog/video
Sebastian Päev tagasi
By point decision on gib v tayler is so obvious just by the punch stata
Mandi Charles
Mandi Charles Päev tagasi
gib easily won
BreEzer Päev tagasi
PrettyboyFredo has the best apology
sheldorf Päev tagasi
0:54 that's a bit of a back hand comment
Sqwerbles Päev tagasi
The tiktokers were embarrassing they were horrible
Kaiser Vi Arci
Kaiser Vi Arci Päev tagasi
bruh when he said KSI turned black i had to recheck, i was in a different tab so i was like hold up what
Wicked Päev tagasi
Wtf I thought this was a new video, the Pokemon GO intro was confusing the hell out of me lol
lennon miller
lennon miller Päev tagasi
yo you guy's do know that brice hall is being passiveagressive bc his ego's hurt
Jayden Wagner
Jayden Wagner Päev tagasi
Gib: *literally kills holder* Judge: damnnnn hmmmm Taylor holder won
Christian 0
Christian 0 Päev tagasi
pauls needa leave puerto rico
Becket Flynn
Becket Flynn 2 päeva tagasi
That is so mean to demonetize a video for a air soft wepon
MASTER BAITER 2 päeva tagasi
I guess Bryce got knocked into Humble hours
Landon Lanier
Landon Lanier 2 päeva tagasi
Next fight girls tiktok vs youtube
Xur’s Location
Xur’s Location 2 päeva tagasi
Gaytok down bad
TheGamerAK78 2 päeva tagasi
You make no sense
Drip Train
Drip Train 2 päeva tagasi
Bro Austin just literally "knocked the sense" out of bryce
Sweaty Devils clan
Sweaty Devils clan 2 päeva tagasi
Tik Tokers………….CAN’T………….BOX. (proven)
Sac Nicte Garcia
Sac Nicte Garcia 2 päeva tagasi
Dch Rd CB j yes civic g hi ñlkkkjhhhyi
Dany boy
Dany boy 2 päeva tagasi
Banks is tapped
Brede Schjelderup Nilsen
Brede Schjelderup Nilsen 2 päeva tagasi
Respect for vinnie
BreEzer 2 päeva tagasi
my favorite part was the donation
md3vmc 2 päeva tagasi
EEfromrs : film videos edit videos have a disslike button Tiktokers : dance , look cringe, and like 30 seconds vids for most and no disslike button And EEfrom is better and EEfromrs are better than tiktokers
nary 2 päeva tagasi
Logan won 50-1 idc what anyone says
JuicyOApple 2 päeva tagasi
TikTok= The more toxic youtube
Clips DIFF
Clips DIFF 2 päeva tagasi
Bryce lost brain cells I swear
Keon PetersonSCS
Keon PetersonSCS 2 päeva tagasi
EEfrom literally Squashed Tik Tok.
Cyle Morton
Cyle Morton 2 päeva tagasi
I was thinking, "Swearing more than usual, wonder why. Not a bad change." Then hear you interacted with GAUA and it all makes sense beautifully.
SoulFly 2 päeva tagasi
4 year anniversary HYPE
Sareth321 2 päeva tagasi
"if they allow it, they allow it" - amouranth. so by that logic if they don't allow it, *shrug* they don't allow it. move on :)
Sareth321 2 päeva tagasi
comparing condom ads to softcore porn on a gaming website. yeah, nice string logic.
Sareth321 2 päeva tagasi
why skirt the line for years and then complain when you tip over and get banned/ad revenue stopped... if you want ad revenue play a fuckin game lmfao its a gaming website not softcore pornhub. fuckin hell.
Gameing with Brooklyn
Gameing with Brooklyn 2 päeva tagasi
Bunch of skinny dude’s vs kinda buff or buff
DarklordIra 2 päeva tagasi
Bryce lost and immediately tried to act like he was a nice guy 😂😂😂😂
Carlos cabrera guzman
Carlos cabrera guzman 2 päeva tagasi
Who does Danny Duncan fight?
Yogurt 2 päeva tagasi
I want to see a rematch from hacker against deji cause they are fucking legends
Luke’s Animations
Luke’s Animations 2 päeva tagasi
Imagine is Etika was still around… he would be going crazy! Fly high man